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Tasty Treats

50 Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers:–2015 Part 1
50 Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers–2015–Part 2

Gift: Mother’s Day, Nursing Home, any time

Gifts for Mothers and Grandmothers-1
Gifts for Mothers and Grandmothers–2
Gifts Mothers and Grandmothers Value Most
Mother’s Day Gifts:Thoughtful and Personal1
Mother’s Day Gifts:Thoughtful and Personal–2
Mother’s Day Gifts-3: They leave No Clutter
Mother’s Day Gifts–Delicious, Exciting, Pampering
One-of-a-Kind–Priceless–Mother’s Day Gift


Gifts for Those in Nursing Homes and Care Facilities

Halloween Pumpkin Gift–Decorated, not Carved

House Plants– Easy-care, Leafy
Terrariums/Dish Gardens: Easy-Care, Live, Little Landscapes

Dish Garden with Succulents

Succulent Dish Garden

Prismatacarpa Begonia in covered brandy snifter


10 Small, Useful, inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

Valentine's Day SpecialValentine gifts for Those in Nursing Homes or Not
Valentines–Edible, Drinkable–a treat!
Special Sweets are Valentine’s Treats for Seniors and Elders

2 thoughts on “GREAT GIFTS

  1. Susan, Wonderful Blog with great information for us caregivers!
    Do you have any advice concerning asking out of town siblings to invite and host my in-laws for either Thanksgiving or Christmas? My husband and I have had his parents for every holiday (with one exception) for the past 32 years. I would appreciate another family member hosting my in-laws for a holiday at their home. My father-in-law is very difficult and the family has come to expect that the parents will spend every holiday with us. My husband’s siblings have children and grandchildren and are able to enjoy holidays without the extra caretaking of their elderly parents. We are thrilled to welcome our first grandchild and would appreciate being able to have a holiday with our children, grandchild and not have my in-laws the center of attention. Thanks!

    • Pam, a couple of suggestions: 1. I heard Fran Russo speak when her book, They’re Your Parents Too came out. Her experiences, way of thinking, and problem solving made sense to me.
      2. My counseling has taught me that sometimes–indeed often- when family patterns are established (eg. always having the in-laws for those holidays), others in the family assume it’s fine–no problem….when indeed we need a reprieve because it has become a problem. At that point the “I need your help” phrase is a good beginning because, as I’ve said often in this blog, it pulls people into your web, so to speak. They’ll no doubt respond as to why and then a nice explanation follows. And you’re ahead of the game because you state your case well “We are thrilled…and would appreciate” (fill In something like–“having Thanksgiving/Christmas with just our children and new grandchild.” If siblings are somewhat sensitive, they’ll do what’s right. If not, be nice, but direct and give them the choice of having your in-laws for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I assume your husband is in agreement. Good luck.

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