Help Aging Parents–Stuff Happens–personally speaking

When stress is present, for me at least, creativity becomes difficult. Possibly because of overload–too much to think about and make decisions about, and too much to do. Recognizing limitations–and then adapting and adjusting–is what any rational person would recommend. But how normal and rational can we be when we’re under stress due to compromised health of a loved one?

That’s my current situation. Life has been temporarily  been put on hold again. Although the doctors unanimously agreed to my husband’s recovery being fine and OKing us to fly cross country this past Tuesday, his newly-installed mitral valve developed a major problem–a hole–(my layperson’s term) and a procedure to plug the hole took place on Thursday and was followed by another unexpected health event. He’s now in the high level intensive care unit.

For many, that would be enough stress. But we haven’t had that luxury. We sold Sr. Advisor R’s home and its closing date was yesterday. Since my husband was unable to sign papers, I needed to sign and send all immediately. It’s time-consuming and, for me, includes faxing the personal-representative forms before sending all cross country (I’m the personal representative on my husband’s POA [power of attorney])

Our Brothers printer/fax machine is a savior for people who don’t have scanners at home. Those who work are probably in an office that has scanners. And there’s an app for faxing, which I never thought I’d need. We can’t anticipate everything, can we.

While this must be brief, know that we feel lucky–or blessed. To my way of thinking, progress is making haste slowly and, right now, having easy access to a fax machine!