Special Sweets are Valentine’s Treats for Seniors and Elders–2016 update

 Unique Scrumptious Valentine Treats: Middle Eastern, French, American
Mouthwatering Middle Eastern Pastries from Michigan

Mouth-watering Middle Eastern Pastries from Michigan

 Many older people, seniors and aging parents, appreciate smaller portions and small tasty bites–shunning the big meals and all-you-can-eat excesses of their younger years. Metabolisms change, dietary issues develop but let’s face it, a sweet treat now and then lifts spirits. If not on Valentine’s Day—-when?
1.  Shatila’s Middle Eastern Pastries. A thoughtful guest brought a tray of the smallest baklava all the way from Michigan to last year’s Super Bowl party in Arizona. The little beauties–the smallest baklava I’ve ever seen–walnut, pistachio and–I believe–almond were heavenly–a bite or two. Perfect. Assuming that eating nuts and honey isn’t a problem, I can’t think of an edible Valentine gift aging parents and elders we care about would enjoy more.
2. Laduree, the Rolls Royce of French macaroons, opened a small shop on Madison Ave. in NY 3+ years ago. Lines were around the block and the small space continues to be crowded every time I’ve gone by. They now have a branch in lower Manhattan (Soho).

     While pricey their fillings are incomparable. Phone #s and addresses in above link. I don’t know whether they ship, but if you’re in NY or Paris it’s worth a special stop.

3. Bissinger’s (St. Louis, Mo.) see below–and Harbor Sweets (Salem, Mass.) make delicious chocolates. Sr. Advisor R loves the Sweet Sloops (Valentine-shaped box–see it in link.)
 Valentine Classic CollectionValentine Petit Fours

Check out “Newsworthy” (right sidebar). Links to timely information and research from top universities and respected professionals, plus practical information–to help parents age well.

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