Entertaining Elders, Seniors and Aging Parents: Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

“Lost Dog” Courtesy Budweiser

“Lost Dog”–can anyone resist? Most popular  Ad–Courtesy Budweiser

What could be better entertainment for aging and elderly parents than watching some of these commercials, if they didn’t see the game?

Sunday, February 1, 2015. Super Bowl XLIX –and parties. My Seattle friend told me the shelves usually stocked with chips were empty at her supermarket. While Seahawks’ and Patriots’ fans (male and female) were no doubt glued to their TV’s, mostly men occupied the room with the large TV at the party we attended yesterday (far from Seattle and New England).

Again this year I thought about aging parents and elders in care centers who were/are football fans, or simply watched past Super Bowl games looking forward to the commercials. And again, I wondered how many still watched on TV or had fallen asleep or no longer cared.

If spirits need lifting, watching that little puppy in this year’s most popular “Lost Dog,” plus a few other Super Bowl 2015 ads, could be just what the doctor ordered. Last year’s simple message “Dog loves horse” is replaced with “Lost Dog” but could just as well be “Horse Loves Dog.”

Check out selected links below, then pay a visit to aging parents or old people you care about with your laptops/tablets/notebooks and share. The videos make excellent conversation starters…not the same old subject matter. (You’ll also find, below, links to last year’s best commercials. They again still put a smile on my face, so I’m again sharing them with you.

Entertainment. When we bring the world in–especially to those who can’t get out–we add stimulation and hopefully engagement with something outside themselves. Many of last year’s commercials had simple, nice messages–“Dad saves son,”  “America is good,” “Dog loves horse.” Of the 50+ commercials this year, the six selected below are, I believe, most likely to resonate with older people. They aren’t easily categorized. The commonality: They’re all spirit-lifting and generate good conversation as we try to help the parents and elders we care about age well.

Lost Dog
Pay With Lovin’
My Bold Dad
Beautiful Lands
Real Strength

Puppy Love
America the Beautiful
Dad’s Sixth Sense

Note: As most know, for full screen, click bottom far right icon on ad’s screen

Check out “Newsworthy” (right sidebar). Links to timely information and research from top universities and respected professionals, plus practical information–to help parents age well.

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