RHW, Esq.

RHW, Esq. is a devoted grandfather to two grandchildren. His primary profession for more than 45 years has been–and still is–practicing trusts and estate law with a top law firm in the west.  His keen mind and knowledge of the law, combined with sensitivity to the complexity of family situations and a high degree of caring and concern, distinguish his professionalism.  He came to my attention in a serendipity way.

One of my counselee’s grandfathers lived in the city where RHW, Esq. practices. The grandfather had recently died and my counselee’s mother flew out to close up estate issues, which involved meeting with the attorney.  As reported to me, at the end of the process the attorney (noting where the mother lived) asked if by chance she knew of me. (It happened I was her son’s high school counselor.)

When the mother came to my office upon her return, she wanted to inform me that her father, with whom her son was very close, had recently died.  Then she related this “small world” coincidence, stressing what an excellent job the attorney had done and the “above and beyond” help he gave her.

In the years since, I have been privileged to “see” him in action–in an indirect sort of way–and hear his praises–directly.  We are fortunate that RHW, Esq. has agreed to serve as a legal advisor.

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