R-2–AGE 90 is the mother of two married daughters who live within an hour’s drive.  She’s a grandmother to 4 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren and has been widowed and living independently in her own apartment for 16 years.

She is young at heart, and within the last two years recovered from a fall that resulted in a broken hip, necessitating 6 months in rehab and from another medical problem that required two months in a rehab center.  Yet she has never lost that can-do spirit.

Attaining 90 years-of-age involves disappointments, challenges, and life changes.  Through it all, R is a realist who admits vanity gets in the way some times, but one of her daughters thinks “it keeps her going.”

2 thoughts on “R-2

  1. I like your .com site, Susan. It’s bright and clear, and your senior advisors provide a welcome addition. When I saw the photo of R2, I thought,
    “She’s so strong and healthy, no wonder she’s able to do so much.”
    Then I read about her medical problems…

    • Thanks. You’re my first comment and you came in loud and clear. FYI R-2’s daughters have empowered their mother during each health event. And she has the personality to want to “get back to normal” and makes the effort. Do you think the two go together to help parents age well?

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