Sr. Advisor D

Sr. Advisor D

D, our newest Senior Advisor, is 88, a New Yorker, and mother of an adult son.  Shortly after her husband died she downsized from their suburban NY home to an apartment in a neighboring town. Years before she and her husband gave up NY winters for a Florida apartment, where D continues to spend the winter months.

A highly regarded, beloved high school honors English teacher, before becoming an administrator and then founding an English as a Second Language institute, D is smart. literate, and perceptive. 

One of our most popular post ideas came from an email she received and forwarded to me. D has used a computer for decades and is proof that connections help people age well. She has an impressive group of older friends as well as younger ones. Connections with her former high school students (now grown up) as well as students from the ESL classes, when she ran her institute, continue through email.

D captures the feelings of older women experiencing the driving, no-longer-driving situation in Aging Mothers: A Life Changer…Overheard in a Hair Salon. Check it out. D still drives.


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