Aging Parents: Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers–Part 1 2015

Father’s Day sleeveless sweater vest cake made by Esperanza

Round-up of 50 Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers

More gifts ideas for aging fathers and grandfathers–than I think a man could possibly want–have filled my posts over the last four years. I’ve reread them, remembering the time and outside-the-box thinking that went into compiling the list. 8 categories, arranged alphabetically: “Accessories and Clothing” to “Vision.”

Not needing to reinvent the wheel, I’ve updated the list and added a bit. It’s long now. I’ll post in 2 parts so it’s not overwhelming. Hoping that your shopping is made easier and that the aging men in your life will have smiles on their faces when they open their gifts.


–Cane (measured correctly) or walking stick
–Hat (to shade a bald/potentially balding head)
–Sport shirt. (Dad liked long sleeve ones to protect his arms from skin cancer on sunny days–a definite concern as he aged.)
–Sleeveless cardigan sweater vest (not over the head). Easier to get off and on if buttons aren’t a problem. Older people are often cold. Dad wore one at home all year except summer. It also looked good under a jacket when he went out. (This style is hard to find…know someone who knits?)
–Good Sunscreen (minimum SPF 30; maximum SPF 50-55) from the drug store: ie. Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch (also at Costco); Aveeno
–An easy-to-use umbrella collapsible–opens and closes with the push of a button. (Totes makes a good one.)

Computers–especially designed for seniors: Check 4 options’ details in 2015 post.
A-Plus Senior Computer
Big Screen Live
WOW computer

also check iPads and tablets:
iPad (See Marti Weston’s  iPad for Dad posts)

For the even less-technology-talented, check out
Paw Paw and the
Presto Printing Mailbox.


–Subscription to a Favorite Magazine
–Subscription to newspaper–financial, current local or hometown they grew up in
–2 Tickets to sporting events etc.–accompany Dad or make it easy for Dad to take a friend.
–A short outing with Dad (fishing trip, golf game, movie, zoo, his old neighborhood if it’s near–you might learn additional family history).
–Add a premium TV channel


–Membership to the YMCA or a gym
–Membership to Silver Sneakers
Panosonic’s Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer was older men’s most popular 2012 purchase according to a NYC Hammacher Schlemmer salesperson or catalogue–($19.95)
–A good blood pressure gauge can be a gift that helps parents age well and may be recommended by doctors. A year ago the easy-to-use OMRON intellisense Bp652 Series wrist blood pressure gauge (like the one below) was used on a patient at a doctor’s office in one of NYC’s prestigious teaching hospitals. Check with your dad, your dad’s, or granddad’s doctor
before purchasing.

Product Details

–A great pair of shoes for walking
–Pedometer. Hammacher Schlemmer’s full-screen pedometer $34.95 (2 5/8 Hx 1 1/2 Wx 1/2 D). Steps walked, distance travelled, calories burned, time elapsed, average pace–all seen at once, on one screen operated by one button.
FitBit could be an option, however, be aware–I’ve seen it count arms-swings (if resembling what a walker’s arms do) as steps; or check out other comparable trackers
–Toe Nail Clippers: for elders with still-steady hands and good vision, who don’t have diabetes.
–The Guardian Med-Minder (Scroll down after clicking link.) Good idea for forgetful elders?

Related: Gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers Part 2 updates gift categories: HearingPampering, and Vision next post.

Check out “Newsworthy” (right sidebar). Links to timely information and research from top universities and respected professionals, plus practical information–to help parents age well.

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