Aging Parents: 2013 Mother’s Day Gifts–Thoughtful and Personal

While many aging/elderly mothers don’t want more clutter and don’t need anything for Mother’s Day, these gifts will be welcome. They vary in price so “going in” with a sibling could be the answer for affording a pricey gift.

1.  Photos are precious. Some aging mothers and grandmothers have photos on every flat surface and wall. Others not as many. But all will love a Photobook filled with family photos. Many companies (from Apple to Shutterfly–almost A-Z) will help create a photobook for Mom. How many have we seen on coffee tables? The older people I know love to go through them with visitors and friends.

2. One current framed photo of the entire family is a cherished gift for mothers and grandmothers, who prefer having one photo to look at in an easily accessible space. Again, less clutter than many photos of individual family members.

3.  Brighton novelty handbags: (now renamed “Memory Handbags” feature a personal photograph that becomes a part of the handbag. They could be ordered by phone several years ago; but no longer.  Today these bags can only be ordered at one of the  Brighton Collectibles Stores throughout the US that carries “Memory Handbags.” Thus it necessitates a phone call to stores near you and asking if they carry them; and it involves a photo–which means “takes time.” Check it out . If you like it, your mother will love it–so grab a favorite family photo and order right away. (The Vanessa is  popular. style, but I encourage you to see all options. Sadly photos are no longer available.)

4. iPads again on the list. User-friendly technology for young and old–even those who are “roadkill on the information highway” but show some interest. I’ve seen 4-year-olds come into a grandparent’s home, make a bee-line for the iPad and begin playing games, haven’t you?

I warned–in the last post–a gift that comes with a “hidden agenda” shouldn’t be given to an older person. (The 74-year-old grandmother still doesn’t use her iPad;  claims she prefers writing letters and receiving them; would rather “spend time with people than technology.”) This shouldn’t necessarily hold true, however, for a mother who’s technically challenged but interested. Reason:

A free, easy-to-use iPad app for seniors  (not made by Apple, but carried at Apple stores, I understand) . It’s a simple way to start an older mother who could be “roadkill” into a tech-using-Older Mother.  Check earlier post about the iPad for iPad-specific information and compatible printers.

5.  A satin pillow case. I know my mother always slept on one. Never knew why. Seems, some say, it’s better for hair and skin. These cases aren’t an expensive gift–and who knows, maybe they are better–assuming your mother doesn’t mind sleeping on a satin pillow case.

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