Aging Parents: The Mother’s Day Gift Mothers and Grandmothers Value Most

Mother’s Day. Gifts enter our minds as we enter May. For two years I’ve written about gift ideas in an endeavor to provide some unusual, thoughtful, creative, practical and fun suggestions.

Last June I interviewed some aging fathers, asking what they’d like for Father’s Day. This year I asked a group of mothers and grandmothers (who are fortunate to have all the necessities of life), what their favorite Mother’s Day gift–in the last 10 years–was. While my sample is too small to be statistically recognized as valid, I found it interesting that the gift mothers and grandmothers named most included TIME…and TOGETHERNESS

Time with family: “Having my children with me” (70’s). “Attention” (82). “Time. Have my kids call and spend time” (92) “I had a wonderful luncheon with all of my children there last Mother’s Day. That was the best Mother’s Day.” “I’m happy if I get a call and/or a card).”

Time to have a special meal together with children and grandchildren whether at their home, doing the major cooking (with a bit of help when one person brings dessert, one a salad etc); or going out for a meal; or just having a child or grandchild come for a chat; or time shared by a telephone call. Dr. Viola Vaughn, who founded 10,000 girls in Senegal, West Africa and recipient of a Columbia U. Teachers College Distinguished Alumni Award in 2010 echoed the “time” theme. One of her nieces gave Dr. Vaughn a school year during which time she would go to Senegal to teach.

If you never read it, click the April 25th 2010 post “Thinking Ahead About Mother’s Day Gifts-2,” in the archives and meet Viola. You’ll also find additional ideas for gifts.

The specific “things” my 2012 group of aging parents and grandparents (ages 68-92) liked: Dark chocolate. A nice piece of jewelry (“my daughter has excellent taste”). Plants. Fruit from Fruit of the Month Club, Massage, facial (be certain aging skin will not be damaged). Pedicure, really nice for old parents who are no longer flexible enough to easily get to their toes.

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, the above suggestions should help mothers age happily–and that involves aging well, doesn’t it?

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