Elderly love–Desire too


What is it that’s so endearing about seeing an old couple holding hands, walking arm in arm, smiling at each other in that certain way?

Is it what each one of us hopes for when we hit the old age mark?

I remember my birthday party some years ago. It was a small dinner party with close family and friends–a mix of ages from my infant niece to three elders–late 80’s-mid-90’s.

We sat around a large table in a hotel’s small private dining room. When the meal was winding down, I asked a question of the older guests. It was something like: “What would you tell us younger people that we should know, but might not be aware of?”

The oldest guest, my friend’s mother in her 90’s (the lady I took to lunch at a bar for her 100th birthday) shared: “I may be old, but Inside I feel like I did when I was an 18-year-old (pause) with all the same desires too.”

It’s so easy to forget that inside an old body can be a young-feeling heart.

With wishes that we can help aging parents and the elders we care about
find that young spot in their hearts this Valentine’s Day.
From Help! Aging Parents

The Philadelphia Flower Show and Aging Parents: All You Need is Love

Big Ben at the Flower ShowA huge version of Big Ben was the focal point as we entered the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday. Theme: “Great Britain.”

The gigantic clock face, as the hands reached the hour, Beatlesdisappeared and delighted spectators as it was replaced by a showcase of Britain’s most popular musicians–beginning with the Beatles singing  ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.

Indeed, cameras continually clicked in an effort to forever capture one beautiful display after another. Gorgeous spring gardens, plants, and flower arrangements surrounded us with a palette of colors… especially welcome in this part of the country on a sunny, but very cold, March day.

I’ve written about the Philadelphia Flower Show before. It’s written about in 1000 Places to See Before You Die, which makes it an especially desirable outing for any age.  That said, displays are relocated this year in such a way as to make the floor space much easier for older people to navigate.

For example, we used to endure long crowded lines in order to see the ever-popular display of petite flower arrangements and petite settings. It was difficult for a mobile person to get a good, unrushed view of these little treasures, not to mention someone in a wheel chair. The displays are now in different–although nearby–spaces. There were no lines when I was there–only happy viewers.

I see parents pushing children in strollers, and wonder why more adult children can’t/don’t make that same effort for their aging parents and grandparents. Then I see the gentleman pictured below (in his mid-80’s he said). I told him of my observation. He responded: “If you wonder why I bring my wife in a wheel chair…Because I love her.”

Why? Because I Love Her


Click this link for excellent photos of the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show, which runs through March 10th.