A Surprise and Special Award

Claudia Krabaic Sargent, a multi-talented creative blogger (her site:  “KSWarriorQueen~ Creativity ~ Advocacy ~ Well-Being), nominated me for a Liebster Blogger Award–as “A Writer to Watch” (for Help! Aging Parents). What a surprise and honor to be recognized by a peer, whose blog is not only sensitive, substantive, and interesting, but artistically pleasing. No surprise when you read Claudia’s credentials: art major from Pratt with names recognized in the art and illustration world as her teachers. And that’s just a piece of her history.

As Claudia writes: If you have an elderly parent who you love, who you are trying to help live out his or her days with dignity, and respect, and independence (despite their increasing physical and mental difficulties), you’ll identify with my story. Do check it out and heartfelt thanks to Claudia for the nomination.

According to the rules, it’s now my turn to nominate 5 blogs. Based on our needing to clean out our home (now that we’ve moved), and what should be simple mortgage underwriting moving at less than a turtle’s speed, I am spending time almost daily/nightly between our new apartment and hopefully soon-to-close home. (That’s where there’s no longer internet access which necessitates my finding another venue–often at the end of a weary day–from which to publish a post.)

I tell you this because, the Liebster Blog Award rules are:
1. Thank the one who nominated you by linking back.
2. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers.
3. Let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites.
4. Add the award image to your site.

The Liebster Blogger Award~A Writer to Watch~

I’ve not discovered where one finds the numbers of followers listed for blogs, nor do I have 5 blogs that I think qualify, nor do I know the html to get the image onto an image widget.  So while I’ve tried, I get an A for effort, but the results clearly aren’t 100% successful. Below are my 3 nominations:

Aging US http://agingus.com/about/ is an informative, relatively new blog from what I gather. It’s written by a self-described “aging boomer,” Yvonne Behrens, who tells us that she wants to proactively confront her own aging process. Yvonne doesn’t shy away from tackling many timely subjects from insurance companies, elderly self-esteem issues and healthcare to attractive leisure clothing designed for those who have dexterity and other issues.

Style Sprite (http://stylesprite.com/2012/05/14/boomin-blooms/) caught my eye one day on WordPress’s Freshly Pressed. Most–if not all–of us get bogged down in the aging parents, caregiving stuff and need to be “fluffed up,” chilled out, enlivened. For me that’s often better than relaxing. Chloe’s style does it with her blog.

Whisk-ful Thinking http://whiskful.wordpress.com/Food! The stress-reliever. The compensator. Eating something delicious compensates–at least for me–for some of the “have to’s,” “don’t want to’s–but must,” and “pick-spirits-up” on one of those days. Lindy has a busy life as a full-time grad student among other things, but I await her recipe posts and photos; even if I don’t make the recipes, the photos and text suffice. That said, the chocolate peanut butter cookies (11/10/10) initially drew my attention.

Do check these out. With best wishes to all—–

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