The Best Last-Minute or Any Time Valentine For a Loved-One

We’re doing something different this Valentine’s Day. For decades we’ve sent (now 100-year-old)  Sr. Advisor, R, my husband’s mother, Sweet Sloops from Harbor Sweetssent because we lived far away. She loved the first box and wanted nothing else from then on. Thus, they have been her ongoing Valentine’s Day treat. (Harbor Sweets was a small Marblehead, Mass. family type business when we discovered it.)

This year, however, things needed to change. R is no longer eating chocolate (due to problems falling  asleep) or nuts or carmel (she must be kind to her old teeth–still all her own). I loved this Valentine Valentine heart, cookie boxidea when Monique told me she thought of it for her mother a few years ago; and I introduced it on this blog last year. It will be R’s Valentine this year as it better meets her new needs–A small heart-shaped box containing the following note: 

“I’ve taken all the love out of my heart and placed it in this box.
Any time you need a little, open the box and let some out.”

While Monique’s 89-year-old mother lives in France, I think this works for anyone we love, in any circumstance–whether being sent far away or delivered close to home or to a care center or nursing home. With permission, I share once again and personally use it for the first time.

The round tin will hold a few small, decorated cupcakes. While the tin will soon be empty, I have the feeling that the heart with its message will endure.


Note: Small heart boxes and round tin found at Michaels crafts.