Help Aging Parents: Halloween in New York City


Halloween decor and costumed kiddies holding their parents’ hands are ever-present in NYC today. For young and old who are mobile, the side-streets of NY offer everything–except the inflatables seen on front yards in the suburbs. For non-mobile, see Related: companion wheelchairs below.

IMG_4782The ghoulish and creepy displays on the upper eastside–just a block east of Central Park made the NY Times. Very young, pushed in strollers by parents (and often accompanied by their dogs), and those older who could walk, stopped to view the spooky surroundings. We share some here…….witches on broomsticks fly over parked vehicles…skeletons back from the dead…


spiders and bats–all seem to have found a home on this side-street. Below is the same townhouse during the day and at night.IMG_4791


Click small photos to enlarge and click here for previous Halloweens’ non-ghoulish photos.

Related: My friend, who had polio as a child, recommends a companion/transport wheelchair for outings on non-hilly/rugged terrain. It’s light weight so a friend, who must push it because wheels are small, can easily get it out of her car. (She drives, but can’t use a walker for long walks.) It’s as easy to use as the strollers I saw parents pushing their excited little ones in the day before Halloween. I can’t recommend a maker (above link gives ideas of what’s available). My friend got hers at CVS or Walgreens in Arizona, where they evidently have medical supplies. Couldn’t this enrich frail, old peoples’ lives on a nice day?