Aging–A Quickie: Life Can Change in an Instant. Are We Prepared?

When we have healthy seniors in our lives, it’s easy to become complacent. Complacent meaning: not having a Plan B–or an updated Plan B if doctors have changed–for the inevitable major health issues that can arise out of nowhere.

Last month, for example, our Senior trusts and estates advisor, RHW, couldn’t get back to us with information and his professional opinion for a planned post. A surprise diagnosis had him heading to the hospital, having to wrap up or delegate his professional responsibilities as quickly as possible. It never occurred to me to have a back-up trusts and estates advisor for the blog, but of course that was a gnat’s eyelash in terms of importance at that time.

While I could easily adapt, his family members faced different challenges. And that is the essence of this post.

Being Prepared: A Head’s Up

His wife, a superb, capable organizer–has Plan B’s in her DNA. In this surprise health situation, however, the only thought of a Plan B was whatever her husband’s doctor suggested, which meant whatever specialist he recommended.

While RHW and his wife respected their excellent doctor’s recommendation, a good friend had experienced the same health issue, used a different specialist, had a good outcome, and insisted RHW have a second opinion with this specialist. Time mattered. Some medical protocol needed to begin quickly. Getting the appointment for a second opinion would mean waiting another week.

To be continued tomorrow…