Challenging Doctors to Help Parents–Who Are Patients–Age Well

Are We Brave Enough to Question a Doctor?

Reaching old age in relatively healthy condition involves many things. Along the way, there are the inevitable health issues that may require hospitalization.

I also think it’s safe to say that most of us just naturally want to please our parents’ doctors or at least not get on their bad side. We want to collaborate, not seem critical or questioning.  But sometimes………

While it’s not uncommon to feel stressed just thinking about having a difficult conversation, especially one that involves someone in authority, it can be more daunting when we feel we must have this kind of conversation with our parents’ doctor or other health workers who care for our parents.

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Maureen Dowd tackled this issue in her  April 13, 2011 NY Times column, informing us that–among other things– “A report in the April issue of Health Affairs indicated that one out of every three people suffer a mistake during a hospital stay.”

For those of us trying to help parents, older people or anyone age well, I think this column really is a “must-read,” especially if a hospital stay is imminent or might be in their future.