Short Hair Cuts for Women Over 60

Look good, feel better…

…has been one of the consistent themes to help parents age well. Isn’t it uplifting to look in the mirror and like what we see? We all know that a bad hair day–or just plain bad Bad Hair Dayhair–makes no one look good or feel very good, so naturally this article grabbed my attention.

It comes from More magazine Take a look, for those over 60 as well as for aging mothers and grandmothers. There are also styles for thinning and fine hair. I’m not a fan of the pixie cut, however, a stylist skilled doing layered hair could be an answer.

….. a few more shortish cuts: with Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda again (but slight change to style) and 6 others.

Also, for variety, check out these “50 Hot Hairstyles Over 50;” and we know a few are 60+.

And if you missed this August 9, 2012 post, there’s a photo of non-celebs (85 and 95) who look amazing for their ages. Are these excellent hairstyles for these elderly women!

I note Ronni Bennett Time Goes By blog began Hair Loss posts on May 19th. No solutions yet, but she’s researching, as am I.

May 21 Time Goes By Ronni Bennet finds a really good hair dresser who knows how to cut, is able to give her a cut and new, shorter style that conceals her scalp. (Post has photos.)

May 23 I went to a really good hair dresser for a consultation; decided to get my hair cut on the spot–before losing courage. Result–a shorter, not short, style. See June 2nd post and tips.

Check out June 11, 2013 post for “topical” solutions (Rogaine, MoniMay, Toppik)

Help Aging Parents: A Round-up of Best Hair Style Options for Older Women

The more attention I pay to older women, the more convinced I am: if the goal is to look good, hair style is as–if not more–important than clothing. (For instance, a woman with a flattering hair style can look good in a night-gown.)

I know my mother–into her late 80’s–was concerned about her hair. And I’m guessing many aging mothers feel the same way and could benefit from a new “do.”  Todays post highlights 3 links, expanding on my more general August 2, 2012  post, Hairstyles for Old, Older Elderly Women.

Click the site below, if you have time for only one link. It’s very well organized: attractive photos grouped by hair style (long, short, gray, silver, fine), probably any/every hair style an older white woman could want. (I say “white” because  initially there were also hairstyles for black women when I put in this link, but they haven’t come up again. That’s frustrating; I’ll keep searching.)  offers short discussion of mature hair care and with photos highlighting hair styles of several stars 50+. This site has “an album”–over 204 images, not as well organized as the lovetoknow site, but very complete.

Finding an attractive hair style for an aging mother should no longer be a challenge. A good hair style makes everyone–regardless of age– look more attractive– another way to help parents age well.

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