Father’s Day: Continuing to Help Fathers and Grandfathers Age Well

Happy Father’s Day

There’s nothing better than making someone feel special and these cakes are truly works of art, aren’t they?

I am not a baker but I do think if Dad were alive, I might just get some of those sheets of marzipan, some food coloring, and–using a packaged mix–try the cake below.

The cake at the top needs, I think, some kind of colored butter cream frosting in addition to the marzipan– to make the sweater vest–which I would probably do in one color since it would still look nice and would only need one food coloring. On second thought, possibly I would go to the extra trouble of making the cake at the top. Dad would no doubt be wearing his sweater vest over a sport shirt–as he did every day, so Father’s Day would probably be no exception and he would be “tickled” when he saw that cake.

If inspired, you can Google many photos of Father’s Day cakes, complete with recipes, and I’m guessing all are easier to make than the ones above. So I’m including a link with photos and difficulty levels– http://www.wilton.com/ideas/browse.cfm?cel=Fathers-Day&cat=Cakes–should you be inspired.

In the final analysis I think we know it’s the warmth of being together that pleases parents most.

With every good wish for a Happy Father’s Day