Aging Parents: Life Happens When You’re Making Other Plans

….So too, the end of life can happen.

Sr. Advisor R, my m-i-l, three months short of her 102 birthday, passed away in her home today–still living independently alone. Continuing with my posts about the stresses of navigating airports will need a postponement. I, no doubt, will gain unanticipated, first-hand airport experience as we prepare to fly to Arizona shortly.

R said repeatedly during this last year that she has been “ready to go” since her vision problems worsened. That said, with the aid of a powerful magnifying glass, she prepared her 2014 income taxes for the accountant and had everything ready on time–amazing–as was her ability to remain independent for 50 years after she was widowed. Sad as it is to lose her, I have to believe she is in a better place.

Will be back as soon as I can.