Downsizing: Aging Parents’ Homes–Energy, Organization Part 2

Good organization obviously saves energy, time, friction. Clearly some people seem born as good organizers, while others??? Clearly aren’t.

Downsizing and moving involve daunting tasks–believe me, I know first hand right now.  I’ve also always known my husband is an excellent organizer–much more disciplined than I (I’m more often propelled by instinct and inspiration).

We are different personality types and have different ways of accomplishing things.  And we both get them done, which is the point of this post.  There is no right or wrong way if the goal is met.

More specifically there is a well-known personality type “test,” the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. There’s no right or wrong answer.  For example, if I ask you to raise your hand, some will raise the right hand, others the left.  There’s a preferred way for some (use the right hand) while for others it’s the left hand.  But neither way is better.  We teach this in some depth to our 10th graders.  You’ll catch on quickly also.

Without going into too much detail, I’ll illustrate examples as they affect my husband’s and my organization for this move. When people work well–and the same way–together everyone is on the same page and things should work well.  But when people’s way of organizing is radically different, needless friction can arise. Obviously if help is needed from someone who’s never organized and who can never be counted on, a completely different strategy is called for.

We’re talking about behavior here and organizing for a common goal. Since I only have time to write in snip-its due to my current downsizing/moving situation, tomorrow I will present opposite organizational habits with equally successful results. The immediate goal is to help aging parents when they need to downsize or move. Understanding the way they effectively organize (or not) and the way we organize should help things go more smoothly.