A Nontraditional Thanksgiving Day for Aging Parents This Year?



Menurkey menorah

The last time the first day of Chanukah and Thanksgiving shared the same date was in 1888. Since it won’t happen again for over 75,000 years–give or take a few thousand years (depending on which math genius does the figuring), this is the only year in our lifetime that these holidays overlap for Jewish families. Creative ideas for food and some fashion are already out there. Yet there’s another overlap–

Have any of us missed the ads (or other media discussions) of the “12 top retailers” who will be open for business on Thanksgiving? Some Thursday night; some all day.

Getting a head start on the shortened holiday selling season (when most retailers make most money) may need to be a priority. The economy isn’t great, as we know. Likewise breaking with tradition isn’t great for old/older people when connections at this time are important and eagerly anticipated.

Businesses need to pay their rent/overhead and their workers. Workers may want to take on extra work at this time of year to earn additional money. People want to take advantage of brick and mortar stores’ early sales, to help stay within their budget.  (Who doesn’t like a bargain?) Probably everyone understands the reasons for retail stores deciding to remain open this Thanksgiving –even if they don’t like it.

Older people find change more difficult than those younger. A traditional Thanksgiving is a fond, warm memory for most of us. Can we adapt our Thanksgiving celebration to what looks like a new reality in retailing?

I can only speak for our rather small group–age range 18 months-100 years-old. We are sticking with tradition. We’ll have our traditional Thanksgiving meal as always. Same time; same place. While younger family members may wish to make purchases and take advantage of the sales that day, they can do it–before or after our late-afternoon meal–at brick and mortar stores or online.

Yet “after,” from our experience, is usually a special time to sit around and talk, a time when elders enjoy reminiscing. A time when elders can share and we can learn. A time of togetherness and connections with others–the latter an important factor in helping parents age well.

And so, in spite of religions and the attraction of great bargains, I will make the Thanksgiving meal for family and friends–staying with the traditional once again–for probably the 40th time. What about you?



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 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/830273895/the-menurkey   The turkey menorah  (menurkey menorah) pictured above –video        

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Gifts to Aid Reading for Seniors With Low-Vision: An Additional Post for Black Friday and beyond

ezRead, iPad, Kindle

With Black Friday upon us, these 3 gift options can make reading easier for aging parents with low vision problems. Do check out the specific attributes of each.

I’ve read somewhere–you’ll no doubt check– that the iPad works better than the Kindle in certain light (natural vs. artificial) and vice versa.

One of my senior advisors with macular degeneration says the Kindle is “too gray” so doesn’t have the clarity for her that the iPad has…perhaps it’s the light she’s reading in. Marti Weston follows her 87-year-old father’s challenges and successes-after buying him an iPad–on her blog As Our Parents Age. (Click rectangle below for newest iPad version.)
 That said, the ezRead is a different option and a different technology. It magnifies reading material onto a TV screen. Check out the Amazon reviews.ezRead, DR-200, DR200, Magnifiers, Carson Magnifiers

Whether you can find these at extraordinarily inexpensive prices on Black Friday or not, they are worth checking out.  Happy Shopping!

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