Aging Parents: Buying one of the New iPads?

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Admittedly, I’ve never reblogged before. Simple reason: I never found anything I thought had to be shared in full, that I wanted readers to see–at least partially– on this home page. That said, I know my limitations (mentioned in an earlier post where I linked readers to an extremely well-done Financial Advice blog).

This is different. You realize immediately that Marti Weston has continued her extensive  iPad research and it’s easy to follow….plus it’s timely. With Christmas less than a week away, Christmas gifts are on everyone’s mind. The iPad has been mind-expanding, entertaining, intstructive, fun + so much else for so many older people. And the iPad, if affordable, is something to seriously consider for aging parents and grandparents.  Thanks for doing so much good investigating, Marti.


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As Our Parents Age So Do We

I finally figured out what iPad model to purchase for my 90-year-old dad as a Christmas 2013 present, and I thought I’d share my decision-making process here, just in case others are dealing with the same conundrum. My mom is under strict instructions to keep him away from this blog (he is a regular reader) until mid-day on December 25th.

Deciding what to buy as a replacement iPad took quite a bit of time and energy, mostly because a range of models are available at a range of prices. Below are some of the factors that contributed to my decision. At the end you can find out what we bought for dad’s Christmas present.

iPad Keyboard – Dad has an easy-to-use keyboard. He sets the iPad right into the 30-pin port and begins typing. His speaker system for music connects the same way. The newest iPad models come with the smaller…

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