Help! Aging Parents continues now– as we age and inch

Expediency and other factors make it necessary to add “Inching”  posts to my Help! Aging Parents blog–at least for the time being.  The best information and advice initially published for adult children of aging parents in Help! Aging Parents, is now repurposed for those of us now Inching towards 80.

Aging Smart

After a decade of writing Help! Aging Parents, I realize that I and my readers–every day–are inching towards 80. Indeed, from the day we are born we inch towards 80, don’t we?

That said, didn’t the “inching” seem so much slower when we were young…. (remember how long it seemed from one birthday to the next)? And as we’ve aged haven’t all–or at least most– of us found birthdays come faster and faster. Of course, they don’t.  But….

Although I’m not yet 80, I think we all want to give ourselves the best chance to age with as few 80-ish problems and as much luck as possible. So it makes sense to be informed.

To that end, Inching Towards 80 commits itself. Preventing the preventable and controlling what we can seems smart and worth the effort. Because the Sr. advisors to Help! Aging Parents  shared so much about aging smart, Inching Towards 80 honors them–and motivates me–to combine their wisdom with reputable research, augmented by my counseling background.

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