My husband’s unexpected death in 2016 triggered much thinking and a resolve to move slowly –focusing thought and effort on avoiding making mistakes. With one brother living on the other side of the country and no children, I realized I was accountable to no one but myself and better carefully put my life back together, but in a different-in-someways way.

Indeed, then, life ahead was like a blank canvas that of course would–in time–fill. That said, I wanted to fill it as carefully as possible. Taking a long pause from HELP PARENTS AGE WELL felt like a lessening of responsibility. It felt right. More time to think carefully and make necessary adjustments… however long that would take.

Unexpectedly Dad’s words, at the time of Mom’s death, came back–something like “one of you (my husband or me) will survive the other. I’m fortunate to have you, your husband, and your brother; but you have no children.

Fortunately that wasn’t a problem. In fact I was happy that I wouldn’t be cast as a seemingly bad person rejecting well meaning, but unwanted, advice from family. And it was easy to let good friends know their friendship was invaluable and I’d ask when I needed something… assuming that was OK.

While I’m no longer the child of aging parents I am inching towards 80. I realize wisdom from my senior advisors, shared through this blog, is coming in handy… surprisingly often.

So I’m beginning a next-step blog for us: INCHING TOWARDS 80. I’m behind on new technology necessities, so please bear with me. The prototype is published and I believe you can see it by switching to it from this site–HELP PARENTS AGE WELL —I think/hope. Please let me know. IT SEEMS IT ISN’T switching. Hope to succeed this weekend when I have my computer. Currently my smaller “devices” are what I’m using.

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