Aging Parents-Adult Caring Children: Emotional Aspects of Relocating Aging Parents

The Best Article on Relocating Aging Parents I’ve seen

While it has been a year and 5 months since my husband died and I’m doing well, I’m still getting my current life in order. Specifically I haven’t yet had time to begin my “Inching Towards 80” blog and much of my spare time is devoted to reorganizing–everything. In doing so, I came across a saved AARP article on relocating aging parents that is, I think, so excellent that I’m coming back to my blog so I can share the link. Nuff said. If I have time I’ll add the link under “Related” to my previous posts on aging parents and moving. But for now click: .

2 thoughts on “Aging Parents-Adult Caring Children: Emotional Aspects of Relocating Aging Parents

  1. Thank you so much for the link to the AARP article, Helping Aging Parents Move. I am facing this very situation with my 94-year-old mother. She “wants to be INDEPENDENT as long as possible” but due a couple of health issues I think it is time. But Mom is really stubborn and wants to stay in her own home and drive her own car. I don’t want to break her spirit but she needs more help and interaction with others than I can give. I’m not in a position to have her move in with us, and frankly, I won’t move in with her either! She doesn’t want either one. So the solution lies somewhere else. Thanks again for the help. Maybe that will be acceptable to both of us!

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