Aging Parents: Hanging on Too Long, Not Knowing When to Quit

“I’m A Star, I Can’t Quit”

…a memorable saying that Senior Advisor R used often enough that it regularly pops into my head–even though R has been gone almost two years. It captures the nuances of someone in–possibly/probably–denial about lessening abilities and talents, often age-related,  We’ve no doubt all known someone who fits this description–possibly an older parent or someone we work with.

With this thought and a desire to carry on my life in spite of the changes since my husband’s death last June, I realize it’s time for me to quit–at least for now– this labor of love. Help! Aging Parents’s first post appeared in September 2009. 735 published posts and many thousands of views later, we’ve been happy to be able to provide the best information and creative ideas for helping parents age well that we could put together for our followers and unknown viewers.

It’s possible that I will return with a new blog at some point. Before my husband’s death was ever contemplated, I registered a domain name, Inching Towards 80, thinking it could supply helpful information that many of my viewers could use for themselves.

We all, of course, have been inching towards 80 since we were born. And as life expectancy expands, many more of us continue to have relatively healthy and fulfilling lives–albeit different from our younger years–into our 80’s and beyond. And with cars that will drive themselves in the not-to-distant future, so many possibilities lie ahead for enriching lives of older and old people and for making it easier to avail themselves of medical care without the dependency that now exists. I leave you with these thoughts and say–

Goodbye–at least for now.

6 thoughts on “Aging Parents: Hanging on Too Long, Not Knowing When to Quit

  1. Honoring and appreciating to your good work you are doing for the older aging ones and our seniors, Susan. Thank you for sharing here this blog.
    Keep the good work going and keep posting such more.

  2. Susan, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have not been a vocal supporter, but reading your posts has made me feel like I am not alone in the world. Your work has not gone unappreciated. Enjoy your new journey.

    • I appreciate you, Patricia, for your kind words. Interesting how one learns and feels support–from reading AND from writing. Aging is a commonality we share with our contemporaries. We share another commonality when we have aging parents. And while, as I’ve said many times, “one size does’t fit all,” we do learn we aren’t alone. My journey, while taking an unexpected turn and causing the expected stuff we’d rather not face, has been eased by much of what I learned from writing this blog so I’m lucky. I try to take my time, think before I act, do it smart and avoid mistakes. And Grandma’s words “When you’ve done your best, you’ve done your best–angels can do no more,” help me over the rough spots.

  3. Thank you, Susan, for many hours of enjoyable reading. You will be missed, and I hope you return someday, possibly with a different perspective. It’s good that you recognize that you need a change. May you find peace and satisfaction in whatever you choose to do!

    • And thank you, Diane, for your past comments and support of my blog. While my life is changing, fortunately in a good way, I continue–and will continue–to follow you, enjoying your reflexions, ideas, and the information you impart. Your post on Millennials–excellent!

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