Aging Parents and the Pet-Human Bond

Dianne McGill founded the Pet Peace of Mind program in 2009. I first learned about and began contributing to this program  in 2014. I was so impressed that I wrote about it last January. It appeals to the animal-lover. Last year I spoke with Dianne and asked if she would do a post on the Pet-Human bond for our blog, I will post it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Aging Parents and the Pet-Human Bond

  1. I haven’t been to your site for a while, but plan to revisit it more regularly. This is an excellent subject and a great post. My husband and I (ages 87 and 80) live outside Seattle, WA, and certainly hope that we’ll be able to see our 3 also-senior cats through their remaining lifespan. However,last year I signed them up for the “Pet Guardian Program” through the local Humane Society. It’s not free (there’s an initial donation) but it covers up to 5 current and future pets and assures that they will be placed in an adoptive or foster home for the remainder of their lives (unless they have a medical condition requiring daily veterinary care and need to remain in their clinic).

    I volunteer for a cat rescue/rehoming nonprofit and hope that someone in that organization or a related group would be able to take our cats if we can no longer care for them. (There’s no one in our immediate family who would be able to care for 3 older kitties.) However, it’s reassuring to have a backup plan that I can depend on. It sounds like “Pet Peace of Mind” is a similar program but without an up-front donation. I’m so glad people are thinking about this and, I hope, making plans in advance.

    • Welcome back, Elizabeth. Pet Peace of Mind began in Oregon and Dianne McGill (president and, I believe, founder) is there…not that far from you. She has accomplished remarkable things–especially, I think, in arranging to hook the program up with hospice in many instances. If helpful, do contact her and feel free to use my name. Your kitties are vey fortunate. At times I think we do better for our pets than for many of the elderly.

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