Fun for Aging Parents–Watch the Baby Bald Eagles Live in Wash. DC


Eagles (eaglets) have hatched high up in a tree at the US Arboretum in Washington DC.

Watching live streaming, courtesy of the Arboretum and American Eagle Foundation (the latter supplied photo here) is captivating–wonderful entertainment for all ages, but think about the stimulation for older people! And then think about those who are homebound or in care facilities.

Take a laptop, notebook, iPad (a cellphone’s screen may be a bit small for aging eyes) to aging parents or elderly friends if they don’t have one. If they do have one, email the link below or add the link for them.

From personal experience, watching live streaming awaiting–and then–the hatching of the red hawk’s eggs on the window ledge at New York U a few years ago–was addictive. Ultimately only one egg hatched and we watched, in anticipation, for weeks.  My computer was on all day and was the first thing I looked at when I came back from any outing. (It’s additional fun on Twitter, if that works for elders. And chat is connected to the American link below.).

Here’s the link:   Spread the addiction.   Another way to Help Parents Age Well.

Check out “Newsworthy” (right sidebar). Links to timely tips, information and research from top universities and respected professionals–to help parents age well.

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