Saturday’s and Sunday’s Posts Postponed and Sr. Advisor D’s Death

Last Monday began with a funeral for Sr. Advisor D, who died unexpectedly a few days before in Florida, where she spent winters. Her son had been visiting with her for a few weeks and was due to return to NY the next day. She often said her son helped her age well; indeed they were enjoying a busy schedule in Florida prior to her death. .

Sr. Advisor D was a mentor to me when I took the counseling position at Scarsdale High School decades ago and remained a dear friend. She was “up on the latest”–whatever that was–so interesting and fun to be with. Very bright and well-read (a former honors English teacher), she was an active 90-year-old, who continued to participate in all aspects of life. This included significant contributions to my blog–until the end. She wrote a few posts in the past. In the present she regularly gave ideas for new posts. Those ideas–yet unpublished–will provide the substance for several future posts. (For more about D and photo, click Sr. Advisor D tab above)

Sr. Advisor D’s funeral, in a town 20+ miles away, began the week; and the pace never let up. So I postponed yesterday and must do so again tonight.

Hoping to post before my normal Saturday publishing day~thanks for stopping by and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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