Help Aging Parents With Late-Stage Cancer or Terminal Illness and a Beloved Pet

Do you know about Pet Peace of Mind?

As we think about helping parents and elders we care about age well, we know support of friends is priceless. We’re also aware of the research showing connections with others help people age well. Neither “friends” nor “others”  is defined as “pets,” yet in a quiz show couldn’t everyone complete the phrase “a man’s best friend is… his dog.”

As the old year ends and a new year begins, I focus on the continuum of life, and the fact that helping parents age well continues throughout the life cycle–until the very end.

Different stages call for different kinds and degrees of help–obviously. While we support independence and endeavor to lift spirits throughout, in the beginning, when parents are aging–but relatively young, our support is more often focused on the fun things–outings, new clothes, special trips, great birthday celebrations.

This changes over time to more practical help. And don’t we feel like we hit a home run when we can add something that is both practical and spirit- lifting when bad things are happening in elders’  lives…in this case, advanced terminal illness.

In an effort to help pet-loving aging parents with terminal illness who– on top of everything else–worry about their pets, I want to call attention to the nonprofit Pet Peace of Mind program. I learned of it a year ago when I wanted to make a contribution to hospice in memory of my cousin and asked if there were any special programs that could use funding.

Click the above link to learn about the program. Watch even a smidgen of the video below to understand its impact.

Terminally ill elderly people have already–by necessity– given up so much. Wouldn’t the best gift for pet-loving elders be to have their pets cared for and be able to enjoy them on this last part of their journey? Pet Peace of Mind makes this possible. And isn’t having have peace of mind and their pet’s companionship a priceless part of aging as well as possible…until the very end.

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One thought on “Help Aging Parents With Late-Stage Cancer or Terminal Illness and a Beloved Pet

  1. I would think that worrying about your pet would add more stress and slow down the healing process. Conversely, knowing their pet was in good hands would go a long way towards helping them heal. A very thoughtful post, Susan.

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