Veteran’s Day 2015

Honoring Those Who Served ~ 5th Avenue New York City

Again we honor those who serve, have served, and made
the ultimate sacrifice.

We also learn that ongoing research focusing on the “transition of veterans from military to civilian life,” is underway at Teachers College, Columbia U.  Today’s just-received email, Beyond PTSD: Exploring the Stresses of Veterans’ Transition Back to Civilian Life gives details about the newly established Resilience Center for Veterans & Families.


 Also check out this short, well-done, video that spans the generations–grandfather,  grandsons and those in between. It caught my attention this year. Click here-


Related: Pointe du Hoc–D Day (mentioned in video) and Link for additional Pointe du Hoc photos.

  • <b>Pointe Du Hoc</b>

I visited the Normandy beaches in the late 1960’s, when one could walk all over–including in and out of the pill boxes. How that steep, rugged cliff fortified by Nazi pill boxes–loaded with artillery and the advantage of seeing everything below–was captured by the Americans is mind-boggling!

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