US News Best Hospitals 2015-16 Ranks Mayo Clinic (Rochester) #1 in Geriatrics

Massachusetts General Hospital-courtesy Mass General

Massachusetts General Hospital [Massachusetts General]

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston is ranked #1 Hospital in US News’s Best Hospitals 2015-16 issue, published July 21st.

In Geriatrics Mayo Clinic in Rochester (not to be confused with their other sites) ranked #1, followed by  UCLA Medical Center (Calif.) #2; Mt. Sinai (NYC) #3; Massachusetts General (Boston) #4; and Johns Hopkins (Maryland) #5

How is this information helpful? There’s a wealth of information in the issue, most of which is available by using the search box after clicking the links above. Nationally ranked and regionally ranked hospital information provides a standard and helps with questions to ask when considering procedures for aging parents and the elderly we care for and about.

While “garden variety” procedures shouldn’t require the top experts in the field, we know it makes sense if doctors have performed the procedure hundreds of times a year vs. a hundred times a year. In the case of complicated procedures and illnesses, it makes sense to have the tops in the field. They should be the most experienced (and thus, have successfully dealt with more of the unexpected problems that can arise). That said, spending time doing the research also makes sense.

One result of doing research is finding that some of these excellent doctors have opted out of Medicare. Don’t be completely discouraged as long as your parents have Medicare Part B coverage. The no-longer-Medicare-participating doctor’s office isn’t allowed to send in Medicare claim forms, but you/your parents can do this –and be reimbursed. It most probably means there will be reimbursement, but at a lower amount than the doctor charges.

For details about Medicare reimbursement for bills from doctors who have declined Medicare participation, go to these previous posts:

Getting Reimbursed When Doctors Don’t Take Medicare

Getting Reimbursed When Doctors Don’t Take Medicare–The Form You Fill Out

When we help parents age well, we make it better for ourselves too–in so many ways.

Check out “Newsworthy” (right sidebar). Links to timely tips, information and research from top universities and respected professionals–to help parents age well.



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