Still need to postpone.

R’s home, where we are working each day to try to “clean out” (wish there were a better word) has no internet access. Thus, writing a post becomes a challenge–although it would be a welcome time out during the day if there were a convenient Starbucks.  No luck there.

Since I’m a morning person where writing is concerned, I can see posting the next two weeks will be “ify.”

That said, I’ve been working on: Aging Parents: How One Elder Lived Alone and Well To 101. One interesting finding: Visiting aging parents at home, in assisted living or wherever, is not always as helpful as making the effort to take them out–even for a quick ride while we do an errand–if there’s that option. One of the Key Thoughts (right sidebar near bottom): IS IT BETTER FOR PARENTS OR BETTER FOR US? comes into play here.



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