Veteran’s Day 2014–Honoring Our Veterans–Human and Canine in NY

Honoring NY's 7th Regiment 1917

Honoring NY’s 7th Regiment 1917

Veteran’s Day in NY. Wreaths at one of the many monuments are above.

The Veteran’s Day parade up 5th Avenue always attracts huge crowds, and rightly so. This year former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, himself a Viet Nam Veteran, is honored as Grand Marshall. And, for the first time, 6 dogs who served in the military marched with the soldiers they served with. They too are veterans and play an important part in the military. How fitting to see them walking with their masters.

As World War II Veterans become fewer and fewer, and Viet Nam Veterans become aging parents, it was poignant to listen to a Viet Nam Vet talk about how heartening it was for him to see the respect and honor accorded the younger Vets today. He said this was never accorded him.

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Resilience Center for Veterans & Families at Teachers College, Columbia U, (opened 11/2015) focusing on “research and treatment on the transition of veterans from military to civilian life.”

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