Help Aging Parents–Finances: Smart Elders, Costly Errors

“The latest research on why even smart investors
fall prey to financial predators”

“Finances and the Aging Brain,” a March 28th article in the Wall Street Journal, is personally sobering. We not only need to have concern about our aging parents’ financial judgment, it would appear that Boomers and those older need to digest this article also.

The easy-to-read, interesting article (link below), featuring research from a Yale University neuroscientist, suggests the reasons why “highly intelligent retirees—even those with no signs of dementia—find it harder to distinguish safe investments from risky ones. Compared with younger investors, those over the age of 65 ‘showed striking and costly inconsistencies’ in their financial behavior, according to a study of 135 subjects led by Ifat Levy, a neuroscientist who has conducted experiments on this topic.”


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