Aging Parents: Designer Safety in the Bathroom

Attractively-designed bathroom products that are ADA compliant and can support 500 pounds are now on the market from American Standard. While pricey, their design is stylish, comparable to “normal” designer bathroom accessories. They don’t resemble those clunky, utilitarian products that look like they belong in a hospital bathroom.

I must admit, when we remodeled bathrooms after moving to our NY apartment I couldn’t bring myself to put in one of those ugly grab bars. We aren’t psychologically ready for those yet, although it would have been more practical financially to install it then. A soap dish-grab ring photo by the manufacturer caught my eye this month as I was looking at the National Association of Home Builders blog.

Something attractive makes a difference psychologically–we feel good using it on a daily basis.  It’s not necessary to have a fancy bathroom. On the other hand, something that’s a daily reminder that we’re old and need equipment that looks like it’s for a patient in a hospital or care center, does not lift spirits (that’s the nicest way I can say it).

I’m guessing these products will eventually come down in price. On the other hand, if I knew the soap dish or towel bar would help an aging parent feel better about needing a grab bar and had the proper space, I would  enlist other family members’ contributions and give it as a gift. It would be another way to help elders feel good; and doesn’t that contribute to their aging well….

………an after-thought: If Tiffany could incorporate an alert pendant’s technology into a necklaces and bracelest, do we think elders would be more inclined to wear them?


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