Caring for an Aging Parent Checklist


New Year’s resolutions often breed lists and, of course, there are many kinds of lists. I do have a paper resolution list for 2014. But I always start with a list in my head and accomplish that before moving to THE list. This first week of the new year it includes getting rid of some of the stuff taking up needless memory on my computer.

Tedious as it is, because I make a point of glancing at each item before sentencing it to the great unknown, I was rewarded today.  I found a favorite “Caring for an Aging Parent Checklist,” originally accessible by a link in my 2010 post, but no longer working.

In 2010 a reader asked about checklists for aging parents…taking into consideration what grown children need to know when parents are home and when they travel.  I created one–the first I ever saw that mentioned parents’ PINS and passwords. Then, after reading an overdose of checklists thanks to Google, found and linked to the no-longer-working checklist link that included some areas I didn’t cover.

Just spoke with the company that provided the link, gained permission to add a few of their items to my checklist, and am updating and expanding all to create the most comprehensive checklist. Watch for it………see below.

Here’s the link to the most comprehensive checklist post:
1/9/14– Help!Aging Parents: A Comprehensive Aging-Parent Checklist

Check out “Newsworthy” top right.Timely links to research and information from top universities,
plus some fun stuff to help parents age well.


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