Post Postponed–in honor of 2 weeks before Christmas

Soooo much to do; so little time. Two posts’ drafts await a final edit–not ready to meet the world yet. But they will–within the next 7 days. Part of me is guessing you’re as busy as I. Previously written posts about gifts are being viewed much more than other topics on this blog right now. Would I be right in saying shopping is taking precedence over everything not work-related? Perhaps no one will miss tonight’s post.

But if you do, and you don’t have your shopping completed, check out Roundup of Gifts for Aging Dads 1012/2013 (there has to be something helpful there..if not, let me know). Although I’ve written many posts about gifts for older/aging mothers, I haven’t written any gift list as comprehensive and organized (although some of those dads’ gifts could work for mom). Perhaps I’ll put the completion of the drafts on hold and go for a roundup of gifts for moms.

No matter the situation or gender, I continue to like the lottery ticket (or tickets) as a last-minute gift for almost every older person.

That said, I still need to think of/make/buy a gift for my house-plant waterer, but she’s not the lottery ticket type….and Saturday I head back across the country to be in the same geographical area as Sr. Advisor R. Help! I need some ideas….and a 27-hour-day.

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