100th Birthday –later that day

Birthday Don’t know who attached the birthday balloon* to R’s mailbox, but there it was as we drove up to R’s home Friday. Entering her home we were greeted with a table filled with cards, flowers, and tiny cupcakes and cookies.  Over 65 cards, 8 flower arrangements, a few thoughtful gifts. And there had been countless phone calls.


Click to enlarge

The “100” card below (also enlarged in photo below that) is from the owner of a construction company who has been doing work on R’s home for over 40 years–as did his dad before him. Now a grandfather, in his early 70’s, I doubt his wife is jealous as she’s a fan too.

The message is typical of those R received.


They say “what comes around, goes around.” Sincere interest in, doing for, and caring  about– others, clearly benefits the recipients. We also see the outcome for the “giver.” (And remember that’s a word that follows “care.”)  Priceless in so many ways.

*Balloon was attached with a large plastic clothes pin–very easy to detach. Some still-unknown person appears sensitive to making things easy and happier for old people.

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