Thinning Hair: More Solutions to Hide Scalp–for Aging Parents (and Us)

Looking good=feeling better… and has to help parents age well

Realizing there’s no proven and approved, relatively simple way to regrow hair, the search goes on. If FDA-approved Latisse (it thickens eyelashes), can be made to do the same for the hair on our head, there will be a predictable stampede to the drug stores. As of now, however, we continue to wait and search for a miracle product.

And Help! Aging Parents continues its mission to help aging parents (and us) feel good about our hair. Today’s topic: topical products: Rogaine, MoniMay, and Toppik.

A friend of many years had a prescription for Rogaine when it first came on the market and was only available by prescription. In those days she said she applied Rogaine twice a day….and it was “really a bother;” but she was intent on stopping her hair “fall-out” and encouraging new growth. She was in her early 50’s then, and willing to put up with “the bother.”

She hasn’t used Rogaine in years, she said recently upon questioning (we’d discussed it a lot when she began)– but did use it over a period of years. Her hair didn’t noticeably fall out after she quit using Rogaine; although she said it may have reverted to the amount of hair she had when she first began with Rogaine.

She told me her daughter (mid-40’s) suggested a new product, MoniMay, to her a few months ago. It was developed by a hair colorist, for her mother who ultimately died from skin cancer that began on her head. Thus, SPF 15 has been added to the product. (See video in above link.) Based on the high SPF numbers we are now encouraged to use, I wonder about the effectiveness of SPF 15.  But with or without SPF at any strength, my friend has begun using MoniMay and seems satisfied. (If worried about sun because of balding or thinning hair, a hat is no doubt the best protection.)

Sr. Advisor, R told me about Toppik earlier this year. She even bought me a small container (which I have yet to try). Since she could never find a suitable wig, she decided she’d try Toppik. (See Demonstration video. The results look great.) At age 99, R’s hair is fine and has thinned over many decades to the point she says Toppik is the best “concealer” she has found–at least for her. Isn’t it amazing she still cares!

Check links. If any one of these products hides thinning areas, makes hair look fuller and is within one’s capabilities, it would seem to be worth a try….. and might even make a nice little gift as we try to help parents age well.

Rogaine for men
Rogaine for women

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