Attention Busy Women Caregivers (Is that an oxymoron?) re: “Just a little Heart Attack”

heart-icon–Not For Women Only

This video highlighting women and heart attacks, no doubt typifies many sandwich generation women and so many of us caregivers who have aging parents with significant problems.

Even if this video has been seen before–a reminder is always in order for those whose lives are on fast-forward. Plus, this short video is well done AND entertaining, starring and directed by Emmy-nominated actress, Elizabeth Banks. Worth taking about 3 minutes out of a busy life.


Not wanting to exclude men here, I wondered why I couldn’t find a similar video featuring men and heart attacks.  These excerpts from the AHA/ASA article may explain the reason. In short,

Many women also do not recognize the warning signs or symptoms of heart disease, which may be subtler than those exhibited by men. In addition, only 53% of women said the first thing they would do if they thought they were having a heart attack was to call 9-1-1.


Women age 45 and older are less likely than men of that age group − 74% vs. 81% − to survive a year after their first heart attack. In women, heart disease is too often a silent killer – nearly two-thirds of women who died suddenly had no previous symptoms.

With the number of stay-at-home dads rising, will the above also apply to these dads? Or is it a man-thing to be more attuned to recognizing the symptoms and acting on them?

Our goal is to help parents age well. That said, the fight attendants’ speech upon take-off: “Place the mask over your face and mouth, before helping others…” resonates here. Especially when our stress level is high, we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves first.

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Mayo Clinic-Women: Heart Disease
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