Wise Words: Pearls of Wisdom from our 99-year-old Sr. Advisor

99-year-old at tea room

Sr. Advisor, 99, at tea room

Advice and Ideas about Life and Aging:
9 Original Sayings

Original sayings must be in Sr. Advisor R’s DNA. One of her mother’s sayings, “Do the best you can, angels can do no more,” has appeared in previous posts. Wisdom…based on many year’s of living. R’s mother died in her early 90’s. R will be 100 in September.  (Sr. Advisor R tab above has more information.)

Yesterday she invited 3 women for lunch and tea (including myself) at the Rose Tea Room. She was driven over by the other two guests–both much younger.  She had made all the arrangements for the luncheon. Our conversation was stimulating and included lots of laughs.

Something to laugh about

This wrapping paper’s design is something to laugh about

When the conversations are long enough, we’re treated to some of R’s sayings. Wisdom–from one who has lived a long life and paid attention.

1.  In today’s world there are three things you can count on: flowers, music,  and animals (to bring joy).

2.  Life is good; it’s the people who mess it up.

3.  As we live our lives, we write our own history.

4.  Don’t abuse yourself. You get enough from the outside.

5.  Know when to say “no.”

6.  As you age it is helpful to simplify your life.

7.  Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed.

8.  Don’t assume. 

9.  Take care of yourself or you won’t be able to take care of anything else.

Because R values independence to such a high degree, “take care of yourself” has been a major motivator in her old age. We have also heard and read from many sources how important this is for family caregivers. When we hear “take care of yourself…” from someone who has navigated life for 99 years most successfully by anyone’s standards, do we take heed? These words are clearly meant for us as well.

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One thought on “Wise Words: Pearls of Wisdom from our 99-year-old Sr. Advisor

  1. Three cheers for “R”! She is indeed a very wise woman with great advice for all us “youngsters” of 76 or less! I’m 100% in agreement with her on the independence thing and hope I’ll be able to pull it off half as well as she’s doing. A remarkable woman!

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