Passover March 25-April 2 2013 and Easter March 31: More Opportunities to Help Parents Age Well holiday (actually 2 holidays). Another opportunity in our efforts to help older parents and grandparents age well.

Passover begins at sundown on March 25 and lasts until nightfall on April 2.  Since Easter always occurs during Passover, the Judeo-Christian parts of the world celebrate miracles during the same time period every spring.

Many believe that the The Last Supper was a Passover Sedar. I’d never questioned it but was wondering “which night of Passover was The Last Supper” so I google that phrase.  First google offering: “Was Jesus’ Last Supper a Sedar?” It’s an interesting, well-documented and researched piece by Jonathan Klawansan assistant professor of religion at Boston University, Skim it (it’s long) and decide for yourself. Or just put forth the question. It may provide food for thought and stimulating conversation as families gather together for the holidays.

Togetherness. Conversation–always part of these gatherings and of course, we know, connections and engagement are important factors in aging well. Older people have the opportunity for thoughtful discussion as well as reminiscing about old times and enjoying the energy of younger generations.

Last year’s Easter-Passover post 10 ideas for making Easter and Passover special older people. From enabling them to feel worthwhile by contributing to the celebratory meal, to going out for a celebratory meal, to thoughtful gifts for the frail and isolated elderly who can’t/don’t leave their homes, Passover and Easter easily lend themselves to enriching older people’s lives.

These holidays celebrate miracles. Granted we can’t make miracles; yet sometimes it can feel like a miracle when we can add enrichment in a special way…a way that gives aging parents and elders a lift and perhaps a lasting memory. Happy Passover * Happy Easter

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