Help Parents Age Well: Stroke–My Family, Your Family–a refresher

Spot A Stroke F.A.S.T.

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Patient and Family Awareness Can Make The Difference

Stroke runs in my mother’s side of the family. My grandmother, Mother, her brother–all suffered strokes. Of course my grandmother’s stroke, because it was in the olden days, was the worst.

I’ll always remember my weekly visits, throughout my high school and college years, to the “convalescent center”–from which she never convalesced. She remained, one side paralyzed, unable to speak except for a repetitive, nonsensical  phrase I’ll never forget (“you want to get away today”).

In addition, she lost her sight, probably due to cataracts, which made her situation even worse. I remember my mother was saddened beyond words at the thought that one of the city’s top ophthalmologist’s (and a friend of my parents), “let this happen.” Yet I can see how even caring adult children can forget to continually monitor professionals, especially friends, when a condition persists year after year–even when a loved one’s quality of life is in their hands.

I just read this from the Cleveland Clinic, which has a top reputation as you no doubt know. I like to think I’m knowledgeable when it comes to stroke prevention, since I’m probably at risk. And while I take all prevention precautions, I’d forgotten FAST, although an email about it is tucked away in the “Special Saves” on my computer.

While great progress has been  made in stroke prevention and rehabilitation, and Mother and her brother suffered milder strokes than their mother, they both were stroke victims while being monitored by their doctors and on medication. The bottom line: Click the link above. It’s never too late for a refresher…for myself and everyone–who is at risk, knows someone at risk, or whose goal is to help parents age well.

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4 thoughts on “Help Parents Age Well: Stroke–My Family, Your Family–a refresher

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  3. Thank you, Susan! I agree that it’s always a good time for a safety refresher. Chances are, we all love someone who could be at risk for a stroke. Recognizing the signs of a stroke – and knowing what to do – can save their lives. Act FAST!

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