Best Phones For People With Disabilities–possibly free!

To help aging parents (and many others):

In response to a reader’s request–Do you know anything about senior friendly phones at home (base station and hand held)? My husband is almost blind, and we have no cell phone reception here, it’s a rural area, only our landlinecomes this information.

While the specific information below is for California Residents, the Low Vision Services Coordinator, Low Vision Clinic, University of California at Berkeley, who I have known for decades, says “most states have similar programs.”

She writes: The California Telephone Access Program gives a free phone to anyone with a disability. There are many phones to choose from depending upon the person’s needs. Their phone number is 1-800-806-1191 and website is

Hopefully the above will help you find a comparable program provided by your state.

If this post generates anywhere near the tens of thousands of views on my “Best Cell Phones for Seniors” post, it can potentially provide appropriate telephones for countless people with special needs. And we know how important connections are for aging well.

Changing often: “Of Current Interest” (right sidebar). Links to timely information and research from top universities, plus some fun stuff–to help parents age well.

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