Help Aging Parents: Does the Flu Worry You?

IMG_0866The flu worries me. I rarely say “worries.” I usually say “concerns.” I think that’s because unless I feel I have very little control over something I use “concern.” In the case of this year’s flu–or several strains of flu–the worry emotion was triggered yesterday.

I needed to take Sr. Advisor R (99) to a hospital’s Wound Care Center to have her leg checked. (Indeed I planned to use information gained there for today’s blog until I got there…it will appear in this Saturday’s post.) As I anticipated sitting in the waiting area for a time with many others, my mind flashed: FLU GERMS. I looked for seats furthest from others. This isn’t like me.

Then in today’s NY Times, Science Times, there it was: confirmation in the New Old Dr. Meeta Khan wearing a face mask as she examined a respiratory patient at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago on Thursday. Age column. 

This column has implications for everyone coming in contact with older people, including us. (Especially note 4th paragraph from end.) As we try to help our parents–and all older people we care about–age well, this New Old Age blog offers a timely post.

Help! Aging Parents is nominated again for the “Best Senior Living Blogs by Individuals” category, “Best of the Web” 2013.  It was 1st runner-up in 2012.  I appreciated your votes last year, and would very much appreciate them again this year by clicking if you’re on Facebook or Google+. Deadline 2/4/13. Thanks so much!


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