Today’s post delayed: We Practice What We Post

I  planned a Thanksgiving post today–complete with photo of our table this year. As apparent from my November 11th post, I have never hesitated to include older people with health (and other) issues at our Thanksgiving dinner. My goal is to help parents and elders age well. Coming together to share the warmth of  a Thanksgiving celebration helps accomplish this goal.

This philosophy, however, has “thrown me a curve” today, causing me to postpone setting the table and making the center-piece. Why? I don’t know whether three invitees will come. Do I need to enlarge the table for our sit-down dinner by one leaf and thus, use the large table cloth? Needless to say, the table cloth must be in place, before anything else can be set on it. I am at a stand-still. No set table. No photo. No Thanksgiving post today.

Why? One relative in his early 70’s was just released from the hospital–at his insistence. It’s questionable whether he can come. And if he can’t, it means his issues are such that his wife can’t come either. But if he can, it should be uplifting for all.

Not wanting to cause more stress by making him feel rushed into making a decision, I told the healthy spouse she could let me know–as late as Thursday–whether they’ll be coming.

In addition, a recent college grad finally–and thankfully– has a job. Last hired, first working the least desirable shift. He’s not yet certain of his work schedule on Thursday.

Bottom line: my organization is disrupted, the table can wait. The photo will wait. This blog will wait. Come back tomorrow afternoon, when I hope to greet you with my Thanksgiving post.

2 thoughts on “Today’s post delayed: We Practice What We Post

    • So thoughtful of you, Martin, thank you. Although we’re still not certain, I think I found the key to making it work, described in the just-finished post. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

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