Sr. Advisor, R, Will Be 99 On Thursday

I intended to finish the “hearing and vision” part of gifts appealing to the 5 senses today. However, preparing to fly out to celebrate R’s birthday took more time than anticipated. So tomorrow, on the plane, I will write today’s post. I have a feeling you can guess some of the wonderful gifts that will be added to last Saturday’s list.

An update about this 99th birthday celebration. If you haven’t met Sr. Advisor, R, on my blog, click the Sr. Advisors tab above. She is truly amazing and I think that fact in many ways keeps her going. She’s of a generation that doesn’t want to let anyone down.

Initially she didn’t want a celebration…just my husband and myself and dinner out at a favorite restaurant. I think it’s her energy at this stage of life. She always looks so well put-together that people comment, thus she must make the effort and “perform.”

My husband, her only child, prevailed on her to at least let him invite the family. I think he made her feel a bit guilty saying not many get to celebrate a 99th birthday–let alone with someone who still takes care of her own affairs, is interesting to be with because she thinks deeply about things–eg. has definite well-reasoned political opinions and, in fact, still reads widely and knows what’s going on in the country and in the world better than many…..maybe even most.

There will be 10 at dinner and we’ve ordered a cake–she chose the flavor, filling and icing. We simply did the ordering and decided what would be written on the top. One of the relatives emailed a quick response to the very late invitation, saying how could one miss going to a 99th–she’d never been to one. She’s in her 50’s. I’m guessing this will be the first–but not the last–if people continue to live longer. We can only hope they age as well as R.

Until tomorrow…..

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