Aging Parents: Hairstyles for Older, Old, Elderly Women (50+, 60++)

Sr. Advisor R, 85 and Mrs. Miller, 96

Sr. Advisor R, 85 and Mrs. Miller, 96


60 once seemed old. No longer! Truthfully, 50 once seemed old.

Regardless– as women age, their hairstyle becomes more of a challenge than men’s, I dare say. Men have less to deal with–fewer options: graying hair and hair loss. (I’m missing something perhaps?–or sounding chauvinistic?)

On the other hand, most women I know seem to fuss with–or about–their hair, in fact have been since they were teens or preteens. Is it in the DNA? For these reasons, when’s Weekly Update/newsletter arrived in my email this week, featuring flattering hairstyles for those in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s (the bulk of their readership), I quickly clicked. Great styles–some seem appropriate for women over 60. The write-up accompanying the 60’s styles would seem to apply to those over 60 also.

While the second paragraph sounds pretty depressing…..

“What to pay attention to: changes in your body. “Your neck may become a little shorter. You may lose an inch or so off your height,” says Mirmirani. And facial changes will accelerate. “As you get into your sixties, you start to notice loss of fullness in your face,” she adds. “Your features may appear to droop. Your lips are thinning. Everything is moving down—the corners of your eyes, mouth, sometimes even your nose.” 

….those last 2 sentences are big-time depressing!

That said, on the positive side, it’s a heads up for what could follow–with constructive suggestions for hairstyles that draw attention away from the aging issues, complete with pictures.

So how can we go wrong having this information, using it for ourselves and for our mothers, if they’re willing to risk trying a new hairstyle? Actually the styles shown for 60-year-olds could be the updated look (check out Helen Mirren) of your mother’s current hairstyle.

Look good, feel better–looking good feeling better–helps parents age well.

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Check out “Newsworthy” (right sidebar). Links to timely information and research from top universities and respected professionals, plus practical information–to help parents age well.
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