Aging Parents, Arthritis, Caregivers and This Blog’s Vacation

I will be moving around too much to stick to my schedule of Tuesdays and Saturdays for the next 10 days. It has been difficult to stick to my schedule recently due to weekends being spent in a place now devoid of internet access and my finding an iPhone–while I love it in most ways–incapable of giving me large enough space and font-size to be able to write without tons of typos–enough to cause writer’s block and crossed eyes.

Meanwhile, over the next ten days I will continue to look for best practices in helping parents age well. I will call your attention to timely articles, information, observations about aging, and creative solutions to the routine challenges all of us with aging, old, and really old parents face daily.

Today I want to share information from the NY Times, Science Times section. First, Jane Brody’s July 10th column--educating us about arthritic joints. Why? Because I notice more and more people seem to develop mobility problems as they age. And problematic parental mobility leads to a host of other problems that can easily impose upon the lives of adult children who live near. It’s hard to think about having pain every time you move, isn’t it? Makes one want to move less–and therein triggers a bigger problem.

Second, Paula Span offers new findings (in The New Old Age) about the dramatically increasing numbers of us involved caregiving. With such large numbers should hospitals and like institutions begin running support groups for caregivers who haven’t necessarily had any elderly family member admitted to them as a patient for care?

Lastly, I’ll be on the lookout for the US News&World Report’s issue on 2012-2013 best hospitals. It  should be out soon. They put out an issue focusing on best children’s hospitals last month (June 5th, I believe). Adult hospitals shouldn’t be far behind.

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